Preparing for Death – Important Items to Discuss with Those Close to You

When someone close to you dies, a time of great difficulty can ensue. There’s the sorrow and grief of the loss, as well as the necessity of dealing with the more practical details. Organizing the requisite paperwork and making arrangements for the deceased can be an added burden on family members who are already grieving. This is why A Basic Service in Toronto encourages making prearrangements as much as possible. You can take steps that will make it easier on family members who are left behind. Your pre-emptive actions will thereby relieve surviving members of the stress and financial burden that often comes with losing someone close to you.

Keep all documentation in a singular safe space

Your assets, property and even your taxes will need to be sorted through by those you leave behind. It is important to discuss these items with those close to you, and can be very helpful if you have all the necessary associated papers neatly sorted in one place. This file should include the following documents:

  • Your will
  • Copy of birth certificate and/or citizenship documents
  • Marriage license and/or divorce certificate
  • Deeds to any property you own
  • Vehicle ownership documents
  • Information for all bank accounts and safety deposit boxes
  • Stock certificates and savings bonds
  • Information for filing taxes, including tax returns for the last six years
  • Photocopies of your OHIP card, SIN card and driver’s license
  • Insurance policies
  • Pension, retirement and annuity documents
  • A written notice of death to be published in your local newspaper

Talk to those close to you about plans
Whatever your wishes are for the rituals and events that follow your death, it’s best to share them with those who are close to you. Though not an easy conversation to have, it can alleviate stress and uncertainty down the road.

Prearrange your services

In Toronto, A Basic Service can aid you in completely taking the burden off the shoulders of grieving family members. While not the most welcome of tasks, pre-planning for the inevitable is compassionate and thoughtful. We can help you sort through the necessary decisions, even those that haven’t occurred to you. If you have any questions or wish to consult with one of our staff members don’t hesitate to contact us. Our online form is the quickest and simplest way of getting in touch.

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