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Writing a Quality Obituary for Cremation Services in Toronto

Writing a quality Notice for a basic and simple cremation service in Toronto is no easy task. Capturing in a few choice lines the essence of the life of a deceased person who was close to you can be both cathartic and challenging.

To write a good obituary for a simple and basic cremation service in Toronto requires both sensitivity and know-how. You can’t just throw a loose collection of facts and impressions down on paper and expect it to be meaningful. Care and thoughtfulness are necessary.

Writing a Quality Obituary or Death Notice for Cremation Services in Toronto

Basic Components of a Good Notice:

  • The person’s life. Keep in mind that the notice you are writing may very well be the last public representation of a person’s life. Keep it concise and poignant and use language that shows rather than tells. A story is worth a thousand dry facts. Highlight the things that made the person exceptional.
  • Facts. Because the notice also serves as a historical record, facts have to be included: full name and nickname; where the deceased was born, resided and died; dates of birth and death; and age of the person. Also include education facts; notable awards and achievements; careers and work highlights; hobbies and interests; and charitable work.
  • Family listing. Start with the spouse/partner and where he or she lives, followed by the names of any children in the order they were born and their partners; grandchildren and great-grandchildren; parents and grandparents; and end with siblings, cousins, in-laws, nephews and nieces, and close friends, in that order. Don’t be selective: if you include the name of one grandparent, for example, make sure all four are mentioned.
  • Memorial and funeral information. Include the relevant information for all ceremonial activities open to the public, including dates, times and locations. Offer the name of the company in charge of arrangements and a phone number to call for more information.
  • Tips. Because long notices can be expensive to print in newspapers, keep those concise, with a longer version for the internet, which you can also print up and make available at the service. Send the notice to newspapers where the deceased lived and worked during his or her life. If you can, include a picture of the person. And for best results, have someone you trust review and proofread what you have written for typos, grammar and content.

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