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Basic & Simple Burial and Cremation Services in Toronto

Your decision to choose burial or cremation is one that is deeply personal and often incorporates family history, personal preferences and several other considerations.

Deciding on Burial

Burial is a tradition that has been around for thousands of years. Whether it is the tradition of your family or what the deceased has chosen for themselves there are some important factors to consider:

  • Which type of casket/container and burial vault do you desire?
  • Which cemetery will be chosen; is there space available?
  • Which type of monument, headstone or marker do you prefer?
  • What will you have engraved on the headstone, marker or monument?

Of course, each of these decisions will involve their own set of costs which may impact your final arrangements. It is also important to note that each cemetery is governed by its own board of directors and prices, guidelines and options will differ from one location to the next.

When Cremation is Preferred

Cremation has been a part of the human experience for a very long time, and is the preferred method of caring for the dead in many parts of the world. While we could recite statistics on the rising popularity of cremation in North America and other nations, they really won't mean very much to you. After all, who picks cremation just because everyone else is doing so? People choose cremation because they believe it to be the right choice for them. It's as deeply personal of a decision as that of selecting burial. The decision could be based on:

  • Financial Challenges. The cost of direct cremation with no funeral or memorial service is often 1/4 that of a traditional burial plus disposition of cremated remains. This simple fact is often all it takes for a family to make the cremation decision; however we firmly believe that there is great value in bringing family and friends together for a service - value which exceed mere cost.
  • The Desire for Simplicity. There is nothing simpler than a direct cremation, where the body is transferred to the crematory and everything is done within hours of completing the necessary paperwork.
  • The Need for Flexibility. A service after a direct cremation can be arranged at a time that's convenient for family members. There is no rush to put together a ceremony which many in the circle can't attend due to time or financial constraints.
  • The Intention to More Fully Commemorate Someone. A service can be planned for weeks, even months, after the cremation. This means more people can get involved and there's plenty of time to gather meaningful scriptural passages, poetry, literary quotes, music, photos and videos.

If any of those reasons ring true for you and your family, then cremation may be the perfect alternative.

Deciding on Cremation

Cremation comes with its own set of choices including:

  • Will you purchase an urn?
  • Who do you want to perform the cremation?
  • Would you like to have a remembrance ceremony?
  • What will you do with the cremated remains?
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