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Pre-Planning in Toronto: Affordable, Simple and Thoughtful

None of us want to think about planning for the inevitable. What we might not consider is how planning our burial or cremation in advance can be a great gift to our family and friends in a time of intense grief and uncertainty. Our directors will tell you that pre-planning a goodbye in Toronto is a smart, considerate and cost-effective thing to do.

The Six Common Reasons for Pre-Planning

Today, more individuals and families are making decisions to prearrange than ever before. Because of the factors such as inflation, fewer extended family members living close by, and other changes in our society, planning makes a lot of sense.

In a recent survey, these were the most common reasons people gave for prearranging:

  1. Communicates your wishes
  2. Reduces stress for friends and family at an already emotional time
  3. Saves money
  4. It may guarantee your family will never have to pay more—no matter what happens with inflation
  5. Shows you care
  6. Relieves your survivors of the financial responsibility

Any of those reasons is good, but when you take them all together, it's easy to see why pre-planning is one of the smartest things you can do. If you agree, give us a call to speak with one of our pre-planning advisors, or get started with our online arrangement form.

Personalize Your Service and Eliminate Guesswork

Pre-planning your cremation or burial protects your wishes as well as alleviates the burden on your family to make difficult decisions at a time of loss. There will be no guesswork, no burden of responsibility—your needs will be recorded exactly as you see fit. Everyone benefits when you plan ahead.

Avoid Financial Hardship

When you communicate the final arrangements ahead of time you ensure your survivors will avoid overspending on unnecessary additions to your goodbye. What's more, there are a growing number of payment plans available to meet anyone's budgetary concerns. You'll also be able to lock in today's prices and protect yourself and your family from rising costs.

A Basic Service's Pre-Planning Checklist

  • Create a list of people to notify.
  • Write a newspaper notice.
  • Choose your preferred disposition (burial or cremation).
  • Select your merchandise.

If you require a full funeral service please contact the Humphrey Funeral Home by Telephone at 416-487-4523 or by email at director@humphreymiles.com.

Canada Pension Plan Application

Service Canada has forms you can download and print to apply for a survivor's pension and/or children's benefits.

Online Arrangements

We encourage you to make your arrangements in advance when you have the ability to discuss the service with your family. Our online tool makes the process simple and easy. You can request to be contacted to schedule an appointment, receive planning information or simply request us to hold onto your file upon completion of the form.

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